Statement on the 16th NAM Summit in Tehran

Union of Islamic Student Associations in Europe Statement
on the 16th NAM Summit in Tehran


In the Name of God, the compassionate, the merciful

The 16th Non Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit held in Tehran during the last days of August 2012 represented a diplomatic victory for the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The Movement encompasses nearly two-third of the world countries and 55% of the world population.  It represents 120 member states and 27 observer states.

We as the members of Union of Islamic Student Associations in Europe (UISA) believe that the NAM meeting was convened despite all propagandas, the pressure exerted and threats made by the U.S. and other Western Powers to discourage the member and observer states from participating at the Summit.  A total of 141 countries were represented, 85 of which by their heads of state and leading figures. Even the United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, felt obligated to attend the forum, despite the US and Israeli objections.

The Summit provided a platform for the expression of such views not voiced in other international meetings.  The criticism of the UN and the Security Council lacked precedence in similar international gatherings.  The dominance and overwhelming influence of the world powers in decision making process at the United Nations and the discriminatory privileges they enjoy at the Security Council particularly in the form of exercising their rights to veto, are issues of concern to NAM members.

The closing session saw the adoption of a 162-page Final Document with over seven hundred clauses.  It expressed support for Iran’s nuclear energy program, rejected the US unilateral sanctions against Iran, and called for greater efforts to support the Palestinian cause. The need to combat Islamophobia and racism throughout the world as well as global nuclear disarmament were some of the other key issues mentioned in the document.

In addition, it was decided that a special working group be established in New York to fulfill motto of the meeting, 'Lasting Peace through Joint Global Governance'.  The movement since its beginning was seeking this motto by rejecting the hegemony of world powers.  This necessitates an overhaul of the global governance and reform in the UN structures.

With consideration to its venue, attendance, resolutions and political impact, the NAM meeting was a diplomatic victory for Iran and a major defeat for the US, Israel and the western powers in their attempts to isolate and stigmatize Iran.  It proved Iran as a significant political actor.  The centerpiece of US and Israeli strategic policy has been to claim that Iran’s nuclear program including the enrichment of uranium, are a threat to world peace.  The NAM meeting repudiated that position, affirming Iran’s right to develop a peaceful nuclear program including the enrichment of uranium. 

Following the proposal put forward by the Islamic Republic of Iran, NAM declared its support for a nuclear free Middle East in total repudiation to Washington’s unconditional support of the nuclear armed Israel.

As another achievement for Iranian diplomacy, NAM rejected western sanctions against Iran and other countries. In fact many of the leading members, including India, brought large delegations of business executives in pursuit of new economic contracts.

Certainly, the propaganda will continue to indoctrinate and highlight the permanent stereotypes of western media about our homeland, but the question still arises that; is it the isolated Iran?!!


Union of Islamic Student Associations in Europe
September 2012


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